Insurance and Investment

Life insurance is something you may consider adding to your financial plan if you’re interested in providing a measure of security for your loved ones. Proceeds from a life insurance policy can be used to pay final expenses, eliminate outstanding debts, or cover day-to-day expenses. Whether life insurance is a smart investment may depend on what you need and want a policy to do for you.

Our insurance and investment team are a team of specialists focused on delivering investment strategy, asset liability management services, and advice to clients for their insurance needs generally. We adopt an integrated approach, drawing on investment, insurance, regulatory and modelling expertise from across the globe.

Plexus’s Team helps you create a customized investment approach that matches your needs and considers your preferred balance of risk and return.

Plexus provides clients with offers of variety of lump sum products tailored to meet all risk profiles. Ranging from capital protected fixed income portfolios to alternative investments, you will find plexus team advice which fits your needs. return.