Commercial Broker

Commercial Broker

Bank Account Assistance

Plexus Commercial Brokers assists you in opening different types of bank accounts, i.e., offshore, traditional, etc., for monetary transactions. Opening a bank account is not easy, but Plexus always helps to open your bank account in U.A.E, either Islamic, for investment, or for foreign trade. With the help of our wide network of connections with many banks, we help you in opening a variety of traditional bank accounts.

Business Management

Whatever the sector or size of your unique kind of business, we provide checking solutions that are designed to suit your needs, support your ambitions, and keep you going ahead. We provide a variety of loan options and business management services.


We help you access a host of best-in-class Credit Cards from reputed Banks and Financial Institutions in the UAE. Avail a Credit Card to complement your lifestyle and enjoy significant monthly financial savings. We understand your financial needs to have access to funds for meeting your personal goals and responsibilities. Our partner Banking and Financial Institutions offer Personal Loans addressing a wide range of financial objectives.

Business Loan

Meet your short term or medium-term finance requirements through Business Loans offered by our reputed Banking partners. Avail Business Loans and address a wide range of your business objectives.

1. Purchasing or constructing offices, warehouses,factories and labour camps
2. Commercial Mortgage Financing and Loan against Property
3. Working Capital and Trade Finance
4. Machinery Financing
5. Lease Rent Discounting
6. Attractive terms of interest rate and tenor
7. Smooth processing and simplified documentation